When Should You List Your Home for Sale?

A lot of home sellers wonder “When should you list your home for sale”. The process of selling your real estate property can be a challenging one. The real estate industry classifies agents into three different categories:

  • There are agents who sell homes immediately and see how it performs.
  • There are agents who focus on implementation and strategies.
  • There are agents who wish to satisfy clients and meet their expectations.

The Best Months for Sale

According to a conversation we had with one of the Top Real Estate Agents in Las Vegas, when it comes to selling homes, some months are better than the rest. For example, you shouldn’t sell homes during Christmas. It is not that properties don’t sell during special seasons. It is just that the market has few buyers. As a result, your property will take more time to be sold that what it would have taken during the optimal season.

According to experienced real estate agents, “Spring” is the right time for selling homes. This is why the 4th weekend in April is treated as the “National Open House Weekend”. In some regions, February and March are the best months for listing your home for sale. Ask a local real estate agent to know more about which month is right for you. The real estate agent will help you pick the right month in Spring!

If you don’t list your home in the spring season, you should wait for fall. Few days after the Labor Weekend will be ideal. Never list your home during summer. That is because homebuyers don’t like to shift during the warm season.

The Best Week for Sale

Once you pick the right month for listing your home for sale – you should choose the right week! If you are analytical about the entire move, you should pick the second week of the month. If you are extremely lucky, the property will sell within the next three weeks.

The Best Day for Sale

The best day to list your home for sale differs from one person to another. There is no such thing as the best day. However, try to avoid Mondays. That is because buyers are less focused on Mondays. Likewise, the weekend is not the right time to list properties for sale. Many homebuyers take off on weekends and relax. This leaves us with Friday, Thursday and Wednesday! Experienced agents consider Thursday as the best day for listing properties for sale.

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Panic Not: Tips for selling home if it’s not working

What to Do If Your House Doesn’t Get Sold After 10 Days?

Is your home dwindling in the real estate market for the past 10 days? Are you wondering what has gone wrong with your property? More importantly, do you want to know how to reverse the condition? According to experienced real estate agents, you can do seven things to get out of the annoying rut and sell your home.

#1 Refresh the Ad

First of all, you should refresh the advertisement. Buyers tend to look for real estate properties in advance. If your listing is obsolete for several months, buyers will not look at it! So, shake it up with new details and photographs. Try to connect with your customers with better information.

#2 Change the Price

Secondly, you should change the price of your home. Very “high” price can drive potential homebuyers away. Three important factors influence the rate at which you sell the property: price, location and presentation. Price affects the buyer psychologically. Even 5000 USD can have a massive impact on the buyer’s mind.

#3 A Quick Break

If your house doesn’t sell for more than 10 days, you should take a quick break from the real estate market. Three short months can give your property a quick turn. Buyers will start to see your advertisement. In fact, buyers who can afford your property may see your ad!

#4 New Changes

Moving on, you should give your home a complete makeover. Improve the specs of your home. For example, you can change the colors of your wall. If your house doesn’t have a good curb appeal, you should improve it! “Impression” is everything about selling properties.

#5 Do Some Homework

Before you post an advertisement, go shopping online. Work with your real estate agent and figure out how similar properties sell. Check on the price, architecture, bathroom numbers, proximity to essentials, land area and quality of the home. Try to attend auctions and open inspections. Talk to potential homebuyers and gather more information about their insights.

#6 Listen! Listen! Listen!

Never be closed to advice! If your house has been in the market for few weeks, you should be ready to get help. Check with your dear ones and an agent, to know why the property is not selling. If they are trying to tell you things – you should listen to them!

#7 Stay Calm & Proactive

Finally, you should not blame yourself. Selling homes is a stressful process. The tension can be terribly daunting. Don’t get angry, sad or stressed out about the situation. Stay calm but proactive about selling your property.

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How to Get the Lowest Fees Possible on Buying a Florida Home

Florida – a state that is known for its beautiful beaches, stunning tourist spots and amazing climate! Every year, several thousand properties are listed for sales and lease. This is one of the world’s best destinations for homebuyers. There are so many reasons to invest in Florida. With this being said, the question “how to get the lowest fees possible on buying a Florida home?” exists.

#1 The Location

The final cost of a Florida home depends on its location. There are plenty of appealing areas in Florida. The state stretches to about 60,000 square miles and it is as big as England & Wales. There is something for everyone in Florida. However, some parts of the state are more expensive than the rest. For example, Central Florida (with theme parts and luxury resorts) is more expensive than the Northeastern corner of the state. If you want to buy properties with very low fees, you should pick homes in the Northeastern corner.

#2 The Current Market

Always remember that the real estate market is a fluctuating one. You should analyze the state’s current market for a decent buy. According to analysts, property prices in Florida are increasing steadily. If you want a good bargain, you should know when and where to look.

#3 The Professionals

Always work with professionals who know the industry. When you work with realtors like us,  you will be able to buy a property at its best possible price. Experienced realtors will be able to connect you with the right kind of professionals and help you bag a great deal smoothly. The experts will help you cut down several thousand dollars from the deal. After all, they work with the idea to speed up the entire sales process and protect the needs of their clients.

#4 Your Limits

Before you think of the lowest fees possible, you should be aware of what you can afford. Be aware of your lowest and highest financial limit! This figure will help you narrow down the search significantly. Also, be aware of the trade-offs you are ready to make. As a result, you will be able to make educated decisions on the entire buy.

#5 The Current Market

When you want the lowest fees possible, you should do plenty of homework and understand how finances work in the country. Florida is known for its foreign buyers. Realtors are expected to be in line with latest financial regulations in the state.

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Why You Should Choose a Professional to Help You Sell Your Home?

Do you plan to sell your home? Are you wondering if you should hire a professional real estate agent or not? When you work with a real estate agent, you will have to pay a small commission fee, and the national average is about 6%, according to recent studies and information out there.  However, is it worth trying to save this small commission? There are several benefits in choosing a professional to help you sell your property. Here is a quick walk through these benefits:

#1 They Know It All!

Real estate agents work in the realty industry. They know how the market is moving and how properties are priced in different regions. As a result, they will know the exact worth of your home. This will help you set a realistic price for your property. In fact, you will be able to sell your home faster too.

#2 A Strong Network

When you work with professionals, you will connect with a well-established network. This will speed the entire process. The network includes interior designers, lawyers, home inspectors, value makers and brokers. These professionals will help you decide if your home has to be repaired or not.

#3 Property Exposure

Agents will help you list your property on various papers and advertising platforms. This will improve the exposure of your property. You will be able to come across qualified buyers who are more likely to buy your property.

#4 Financial Planning

Indeed, real estate agents assist with financial planning too. The professionals will help you get hold of financiers for all necessary repairs and improvements. These are expensive chores that should be done by the right individuals.

#5 Paperwork

“Paperwork” requires lots of effort and expertise. When it comes to selling properties, there are so many disclosures, forms and reports involved. Moving on, a flawless deal has to be prepared. These are important tasks that require ample guidance. A savvy real estate agent will make sure the deal is prepared with the right jargons and acronyms.

#6 Rules & Regulations

Property sale is governed by many rules and regulations. Licensed agents are aware of the entire process. They are trained to handle the entire process ethically and legally. Indeed, they can engage in effective negotiation too!

#7 What Your Deserve!

Last but certainly not least, the professionals will help you get what you deserve. They will make sure you earn the highest and best possible price for the deal. This is one of the most important reasons to choose a professional.

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Best Resources to Get Your Home Sold

A lot of people understand that the real estate industry can get bad. However, what is bad for one can be good for another. If you want to sell your home effortlessly, here are few tips to help you. There are so many savvy buyers out there. As potential sellers, you should attract these buyers strategically.

#1 Real Estate Agent
First of all, you should understand your real estate agent. Check if they have a reliable market online. More than 90% of buyers begin their journey online. They approach online agents and ask for real estate listings. This is when your agent’s online marketing technique becomes essential. According to a recent study, advertisements with pictures and multimedia content are likely to be viewed by many buyers. You need at least five different pictures in your home advertisement.

#2 YouTube(youtube.com) – see video below

Do you know that YouTube can help you sell your home? Post a clip about your property and its characteristic features. You should include details about your neighborhood and other amenities nearby. These best bits can improve the rate at which you sell your property. Great videos will spread a solid message to buyers. They will be able to visualize a life in your home.

#3 Neighbors
Never neglect help from your neighbors. If your property has a well-established neighborhood, you should post details about the home in your email list or online message boards. Also, ask your neighbors to hunt for their neighbors.

#4 Facebook (www.Facebook.com)
Facebook is another effective resource for selling your home. In this modern era, Facebook connects many people. If you have more than 500 friends, try to imagine the number of connections in your bag. Social networking sites can spread word about your property in few seconds. However, you should draft a comprehensive advertisement for quick response.
Here’s a Few Important Points to keep in mind when selling your home!

1. Repair Your Home
The real estate industry depends on condition and quality. Most buyers want well-maintained homes without issues in doorknobs or broken plumbing lines. Try to take care of these nicks and knacks. Once you get these issues repaired, you will be able to beat the entire competition. Additionally, stage the exterior look of your home. Get some outdoor furniture, repaint the home and immaculate the gardens. Buyers tend to fantasize such features.

2. Become Accessible
Last but certainly not least, your home has to be accessible. Homes that are not reachable will never get sold easily. So, spend some time and get your home accessible. Don’t skip buyers or cancel appointments! Do these few small things and you’ll get your home sold in no time!

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